Thursday, March 4, 2010

What the World Eats

From the City:
This is a series of photographs taken by photographer Peter Menzel and his wife Faith D'Aluisio. It's really a very interesting way to look at the way the world eats, the weekly cost of those eating habits and the favorite meals of those families. I also think it's neat to see which areas of the world still rely on an agrarian way of survival and also how far the north american diet has stretched...
Part 1:,29307,1626519_1373664,00.html

Part 2:,29307,1645016_1408103,00.html

Part 3:,29307,1667690_1456194,00.html
This whole section is dedicated to the places people shop. My personal favorite is the meat market in Somalia, couldn't imagine going to a market like that in Toronto!!!

Enjoy the pics!

1 comment:

  1. I love that series! They had it on display at U of T. It's really interesting to see what people choose to eat and how it relates to income.


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