Monday, March 22, 2010

To market, to market…

From the country in the city!

On Saturday Amy and I packed up the boys and ventured into the big smoke to spend an otherwise dreary day at the always-busy Green barns Market. It was nice to be around the bustle of city happenings and I enjoyed watching the kids out of their element. They really are quite social (and super cute!).

Mark was already at the market doing his usual Saturday sales so we just hung around the table and had a picnic. I had made bagels the night before
( for the recipe), packed up some pickles, a jar of nuts, sunflower sprouts and some sliced apple wood smoked sausage. At the market I picked up some Mutsu apples, some fig cream cheese from Montforte Dairy (, and some beautiful smoked white fish from Akiwenzies Fish and More(

We dressed up the fresh bagels with the sweet fig cheese; added chunks of whitefish and a sprinkling of sunflower sprouts finished the deal. It was a tasty and fun picnic!

After our meal we checked out the Sarah Elton’s book signing (also at the market) and collectively bought her new novel, Locavore.

We then played in the park and officially said goodbye to March break! Now it is back to real life with lists upon lists of tasks to accomplish now. Cleaning the chicken coop is top of the list….yeach!

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