Monday, March 8, 2010

A False Spring Day.

From the country…

Apparently, according to the local Amish community we are having a false spring day and the warm and fuzzy thoughts running through my head as the sun shines down, will be slapped out by the frozen hand of Momma Nature. I’ll take it anyway. It was a beauty today and I spent the afternoon with the boys playing in the dirt. The dirt in the greenhouse, mind you but I’ll take what I can get. It was downright balmy in there; we stripped down to our t shirts and dawned baseball caps. It was luxurious basking in the warmth. A farmer’s vacation you could say…

Nate and I dumped 3 feedbags of compost into the bed in the greenhouse, worked it in with shovels, levelled it with garden rakes, and when Lucas woke up we watered it. It didn’t bug me that we had to lug the water from across the lawn in buckets. It didn’t bother me that we then had to pour water from the buckets into small watering cans (I usually have a more sophisticated watering system, but hey it’s spring right?), and it certainly didn’t infuriate me that I could only find one water sprinkler piece for all three cans. I embraced just spending a warm and fuzzy afternoon with my boys. The exciting end to our greenhouse afternoon was tiny seed made their way into the fluffy fertile soil! We planted some cold hardy greens seeds (due to the impending cold snap) into nice and neat furrows. I also tried my shiny, new super red, wheely scooter. I was a gift given to me last fall by my great pal, Jacob. I hadn’t even sat on it. It will help my aching bones during those long days of spring, cutting greens. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children
-Native American Proverb

Happy False Spring!


  1. where did he get that wheely thing-y?? I love it! I need one for my aching back as well. I'm trying not to covet the greenhouse as I have hopes that we'll get ours up soon! I too am sincerely enjoying the 'false spring' or what have you despite the fact that the sap is not running as well as I'd like it too, but I also need the warm weather.... so I'll take what I get! Cheers!

  2. It was purchased at Lee Valley Tools.
    Another beautiful day today! Hope the sap starts a flowing for you! Laura


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