Friday, March 12, 2010

Dinner Last Night

From the country...

Here is a trick to make a roast chicken dinner super yummy. Take a couple cloves of garlic and smash em, add butter (I know right?), sea salt and whatever dried herb you have (I used rosemary) Then smear the butter concoction between the skin and the breast of the bird. Pan sear on all sides and place into the oven. The garlic infuses through the meat of the bird and the butter (aside from being buttery deliciousness...) really crisps the skin. Try it out!


  1. oh man, those birds look so good! I've never even thought to pan sear a chicken...good idea!

  2. I must protest. I can't tell which one of you wrote the entry and which one is commenting. Birds look mouth-watering.

  3. Yeah, pan searing is the way to go, one of those tricks I learned from Mark! BUT I came up with the garlic thing! They were delicious. Laura


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