Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2

From the City:

Well the birthday festivities just kept on rollin for me this weekend. I guess you could say I'm a little on the spoiled side. The weekend started off with dinner with my lovely friend Lisa at Sheba, an ethiopian restaurant conveniently located just down the street from us. One of the strangest foods texturally to me is the injera. Injera is an ethiopian bread made from teff and barley flours and cooked like a pancake. My favorite ethiopian dish is the tikel gomen, it's made with chopped cabbage and carrots and cooked in this onion and garlic sauce. It's so good!
On Saturday night Simon and I went out for dinner with my dad at PROHIBITION gastrohouse on Queen East.

Hey that's my brother Aaron! He works at Prohibition and cooked our dinner last night. The only way you can totally assure that your food hasn't been spit in is if one of your family members actually cooks it.
I loved the menu because it was pub food done really really well

Haute Poutine: Frites, duck confit, marinated quebec curds and duck gravy makes for the best poutine I've ever had

Fresh shucked oysters for Dad

Buckingham Blanket for me: Rare Rotisserie Beef wrapped in Yorkshire Pudding, Caramelized Onions, Arugula, Wasabi-Mayo, Dipping Jus...don't mind if I do...

Bison Burger for Simon

All capped off by a hot brownie sundae.
Not a bad birthday if I do say so myself.

Hope everyone had a weekend of good food...


  1. Looks good, I should have come! Aaron looks pleased as a peacock! Cute pic of Lisa!


  2. such good pics. i don't know about your spitting comment though, if it were one my my brothers cooking for me it could very well be hork-city.

  3. Delish, I really miss all of the ethnic food eating in Toronto... Here in Brazil almost all restaurants serve traditional food which is rice, feijao (black beans in a meat gravy), grilled chicken or beef, and either french fries or farofa (this flour like stuff, resembles cornmeal a little, that they LOVE to pour all over everything). Oh how I would love to eat some Indian or Thai food again! Love the blog ladies :)


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