Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beating the Winter Blues...

From the City:

(Picture: Ruby in the warm July Sunshine, Kensington Market)

So i've fought it for as long as I can, I've pretended, I've ignored it, I've even worn really bright clothes to work (think turquoise pants, a green hoodie and a purple headband), but alas I'm coming to terms with it, I have a serious case of the winter blues. I'm not usually one to experience the winter blues but this year I'm feeling it more than ever. I go to work in the dark and I come home at night in the dark, I am sick to death of taking ten minutes to put on all the winter gear and another ten minutes to take it all off and lastly I'm so tired of being stuck in the house because it's too cold to go anywhere.

what to do, hope to cope??

Here are some tips that I found online:

1. Get Exercise: exercise releases feel good chemicals that improve your mood as well you have more energy when you exercise. Note to self: Go to at least one yoga class this week, don't sleep in and waste the whole day watching movies on the couch

2. Eat a Healthy Diet: avoid processed foods because they zap your energy levels and further affect your mood causing depression, lack of concentration and mood swings.

3. Get Some Sun: Sunlight not only gives us vitamin D but it also improves our mood. Note to Self: Force yourself to go outside, stop being a hermit.

4. Avoid Binge Drinking (5 or more drinks): alcohol is a depressant and rather than improving your mood, it actually makes you feel worse. Note to self: don't binge drink.

5. Treat Yourself: Have something to look forward to that will keep you motivated. Note to self: book a massage for this weekend, do it!

6. Relax: Spend a few minutes everyday doing nothing. Try to meditate, go to bed early, do some yoga, read a magazine, cuddle with a certain special someone. Try to do something that doesn't involve your television, laptop (my weakness) or cellphone.

7. Embrace the Season: Go outside and do something fun. Try new winter activities that you've never done before.

8. Sleep: Try to get 7-8 hrs of sleep a night. Try to include naps when you can, a short 10-30 min. of shut eye can be all you need to re-energize your day.

Hope these tips help you survive the last few grueling weeks of winter.


  1. What are you elderly? 10 minutes to take on and off clothes? Just how many layers are you wearing? I must admit though I am abit of a winter hermit. I am forcing myself outside today to play with the kids. It is so pretty out with a layer of fresh snow all over everything. Laura

  2. I was being sarcastic Laur, maybe it just feels like it takes 10 min. to put on and take off the clothes..or maybe I'm just wearing way too much clothing...

  3. loving the new blog!! from Lisa H. and Hannah H. in the B.R


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